Mina is an energy therapist and spiritual counsellor who helps her clients achieve the life they deserve. Mina can read, see, sense, feel and transform energy. Going straight to the core beliefs, that are impeding you to achieve the life you deserve, is one of Mina’s gifts. She believes the key to transformation is self-love and that when you truly love yourself everything starts to fall in place.

She sees and receives messages as she was born with the ability to see, know and feel things that others couldn’t as a little girl she was very sensitive to the spiritual world and often woke in the middle of the night to communicating with the spirit world. She could also sense other’s energies and motives including the ability to sense the truth in people and danger in her surroundings.

Mina has helped thousands of people from all walks of life and countries around the world. By tuning in to their subconscious mind she can identify beliefs that are holding them back and allow them to fully love themselves. Mina also has the precious gift of seeing past-lives with amazing clarity. This allows her to do intuitive readings and tune in to past lives to heal pain and clear the karmic threads that are often lying dormant under the surface but affecting people in a variety of ways this helps clients heal lifetimes of patterns and brings harmony and peace to the current life.

Another area of Mina’s expertise is the ability to connect with animals both here and in the spirit realm. She is able to tune in to their energy on the emotional, physical and spiritual level and receive messages that can help both owner and pet.

Creator of “Exact step by step guide to manifesting your soulmate” she discovered the steps had actually worked for her and she wanted to assist others in their preparation and search to find theirs. Mina has coach others to manifest their soulmate every step of the way with both her profound knowledge and personal experience. Mina participates on a variety of radio shows including: From Heartache To Joy, Jazz It Up, You Awakening, The Greatest You Summit, Awakening To Happiness Now, From Dysfunction To Fun and Passion & Romance Summit to name a few.

Her vast experience also includes counselling, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP, also studied psychology and a number of personal development and spiritual courses including Kinesiology, Theta Healing, EFT, reiki and Quantum Being. She is passionate about sharing love and understanding and believes that with love and compassion anything can be healed.

Certified practitioner in:


Clinical Hypnotherapy


Past Life Regression Therapy

Quantum Being

Theta Healing


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