Mina participates in a number of radio shows including; From heartache to joy, The transformation show, Jazz it up, Your divine uniqueness, From time without beginning, You awakening, Reclaim inner peace, Awakening heart and Passion and intimacy summit among many others.

To listen to Mina’s interview with Eram Saaed From Heartache To Joy.

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~Comments from listeners~

Oh boy, I had so much fun in the pool. We were so playful, so much delightful laughing and the love was amazing. My inner child is off the charts cute. My body has chills from the experience. Thank you so much.
Just a quick comment to say I have worked with Mina twice since your last telesummit and she is SOOOOO amazing. Her work is profound and has been able to help me permanently shift things for the first time. love to you both!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU for this call and I purchased "B" pkg. Excited to have a personal reading. Much love
Wow wow WOW what a tremendous EXPANSION happening !!!!! THANK YOU MINA ... what a blessing what a wondrous BLESSING you are... (Eram you are so funny... ). WOW. this is awesome.
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