Do you have old boxes to unpack? Have you being carrying them for a while and they are becoming old and dusty and very hard to manage if so maybe now it the right time to do something about it. We all carry old boxes of resentments hurts guilt’s traumas, but it’s never too late to start unpacking them. New beginnings can only take place when we let go of the old.

 Do you sometimes wonder…..

Why life is not happening the way you want?

 Why you haven’t found love yet?

Why abundance and prosperity are a challenge?

 Why health is a problem ?

There are so many other Whys. I have learned through the years to ask a different question when a problem presents itself rather than asking why I ask what am I learning with this situation or what is this person teaching me? It is so much more empowering! The WHY is this happening keeps us in the victim state but the WHAT am I learning brings us to a place of self empowerment and self responsibility. When I started my healing journey I discovered so many beliefs systems created in my childhood which I was totally unaware and from that moment on I was determined to heal and create a space of safety, forgiveness love and understanding for all the events that took place and the people that have hurt me. Today I can say I feel very much at peace with my life and my childhood. In fact my life has changed so much that sometimes it feels I am living two lives in one. The journey of self discovery is not always ease but it’s certainly worth it!

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Mina Firme. I am a gifted Spiritual Healer/Teacher with a Diploma in mainstream Counselling Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP among other healing modalities such as Theta Healing  EFT and Quantum Being.

I utilize different elements of each approach (depending on the persons needs) to deliver a holistic and customized session to empower and facilitate positive change. Having worked in the Healing Industry for over a decade now, I have been blessed to see individuals heal and grow through the work that I do. We can work on any issue/area of your mind; body and soul that you want to see change. Sessions with Mina are transformative and insightful, and you will feel a sense of healing, understanding, clarity, forgiveness, empowerment and a huge amount of love as you experience this life changing sessions. This gentle process will raise your vibration allowing you to feel your inner peace and serenity, while clearing belief systems that don’t serve you well anymore. Some of these beliefs are on different levels, so we work on all Soul, DNA, Inner Child, Past Life, Soul retrieval levels.  We also heal emotional traumas and physical issues that have been affecting you in a negative way to help you accept the gift of true happiness, love, peace, serenity and overall well being.

For NEW CLIENTS ONLY and for a limited time only I am offering one hour session for the price of $50 that’s right $50 it’s a savings of $100 at this price why miss out on the wonders that healing sessions can deliver

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Beautiful Mina, incredible things have been happening since we talked yesterday so much love for you and grounded loving guidance and your big heart.
L.W. Switzerland


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find self love and find my soulmate. I was losing hope but the audios are very powerful. For all the people out there wanting to find love one word of advice Don’t give up!!
Jenny Clark
After an exhaustive 26 years of both studying and being the recipient of, a multitude of healing modalities, I was blessed to find you. You are the only person who has affected the changes I had always known were possible. You are truly gifted beyond my ability to express. For all that you are as a healer and a person I am sincerely grateful to you for restoring my life to me.
Mina is a gift. She is compassionately insightful, gently enlightening and lovingly aware. Being very attuned to energy, I can assure that she does transmit energy and is authentic is every way. I am truly grateful for experiencing her.

Healing Past Lives

Have you ever wondered who you have been in a past life?

Do you want to know about the lives and times you have previously lived?

Who you were ?

What was your profession?

Were you a man or woman ?

Are those lives negatively impacting your current life?

Who did you share those lives with ?

Are those people present in your current life ?

What lessons you need to learn ?


Often we find ourselves feeling like we have been somewhere before when we know we haven’t. We meet someone and feel as if we know them even though we’ve never met and sometimes we meet someone and straight away we feel tension.

These are memories of our past lives emerging to a conscious state. Past Life Regression/Past life therapy is my specialty and I’m here to help you understand how your past lives are impacting your life today. We all carry traumas, contracts, vows and promises from previous lives. Often this is buried very deep into our soul and we are unable to see what they are and how they are impacting us today.

One of my gifts is to be able to tune into to your soul and subconscious mind and see exactly what promises vows contracts etc that need to be removed.

Your past life reading will give you clarity and a better understanding of self and situation. With this new found clarity you will be able to vibrate on a higher frequency opening yourself to divine healing and evolution.


If you want to know more and start healing those lives that are negatively impacting your current life  



Take advantage of this special price and start healing you life now


$50 for a 45 m session


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Past life reading/healing for new and existing clients

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Mina, thank you so much for the clearings you performed for me! I cannot believe that clearings so short and simple could ever be so potent, but they definitely are! I felt immediate changes and with your meditation package, I am able to get rid of any residue we weren’t able to deal with on our call. I’m amazed at how you were able to so accurately read my past lives and recognize where the blocks in my present life stemmed from. Thank you for showing me that the cold relationship with my father stems from our relationship centuries ago and that we are able to heal all the past hurt in the present lifetime. I felt like I was talking to a long time friend during our session and that made me even more receptive to what you had to say. I cannot say “Thank You” enough, and I am grateful to have had you aide in launching a 2014 full of clarity and blessings for me!
Brooklyn NY
Meeting Mina has taken me to the next level. It still hard to believe, that all these changes have taken place. I feel so much better within myself, more confident, happy, and more alive. No more stress or so many worries. After my reading of past- lives, I could understand so much better situations in this life. Relationships and friendships make a lot more sense now. I’m also going through menopause, having hot flushes/sweats and not being able to sleep was one of my problems. I can’t thank You enough for the healing session yesterday – for the first time when I was approaching home I could do so with my head held high and not feeling extreme panic which is really such a relief. Not any more, Mina has balance my hormones and it’s gone, the irritation that used to come with it is also gone. Thank you so much for your wonderful help, you are truly blessed.
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