I have no words to express my gratitude. Thank you Mina. I have been listening to your soulmate meditations and last month it happened!!! OMG!! I am so happy cannot take this smile off my face. He is wonderful and we are so much in love. <3 <3
Sunshine Coast
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find self love and find my soulmate. I was losing hope but the audios are very powerful. For all the people out there wanting to find love one word of advice Don’t give up!!
Jenny Clark
After an exhaustive 26 years of both studying and being the recipient of, a multitude of healing modalities, I was blessed to find you. You are the only person who has affected the changes I had always known were possible. You are truly gifted beyond my ability to express. For all that you are as a healer and a person I am sincerely grateful to you for restoring my life to me.
Mina, you are truly amazing. Our session together on December 29, 2013 was like no other and I have had many. I sensed that you care about helping others and you have the gift in doing so. What I know is that you got everything on the nose and more even the issues that I was not aware of. You were able to see my past life in which I needed to learn my lesson in this one. You have also given me insight on the issues with my mother in which we were frozen in time do to a trauma to the both of us. I do not send out testimonials, but in this case I just had to. Mina I thank You.
Blessings Cathy
Our call was especially important due to what has also just recently presented itself to me in my life. It helped me greatly to apply what we worked on about acceptance. Although our call together was relative to what had transpired in my family of origin and, specifically, with father issues, I saw how that one point could apply across the board for me. It is an especially important awareness for me to address so I do not to fall back into victim mode. Our session together helped to truly bring this point home. The more that I actually do accept the situations and circumstances in my life and remember, that at some deeper level I created them to learn about myself, both as a personality and a soul, I am set free. Liberation, forgiveness and empowerment flow from that one simple, yet profound, awareness.
I was amazed at how you were able to unravel the complex situations and stories of my current life situations in our opening conversation and narrow it all down to one point which has been affecting me and my life. I did not realize how my current life issues were still being affected by a place in my timeline that I thought I had come to terms with long ago. You actively pulled off so many layers of energy that I could feel the changes physically during the call. As you released for me I found my body spontaneously doing the same. I am grateful that you continued until the sensations and processes in my body were all complete. I felt much more grounded and peaceful than I had in some time and I will continue to apply the exercises you shared with me to sustain this connection to the earth and myself. Thank-you for your generosity and your love. In gratitude.
Toronto, Canada
Thank you Mina for the blessing you are. It was a wonderful healing and I feel so alive. It was right on in everything. You could really feel me, see me and it was a huge help for me to get a new understanding of what's going on in my life and why. It changes my life and will continue to do it for a long time. It was a gift for me to be on a session with you and as said it was divine timing. It was so good to be seen and heard and completely understood. No one has ever managed that before to actually feel what I am going through. It was a blessing to be released from the past in the way you did for me. To be released from the burden of this incarnation experience and past incarnation with my dad and be able to forgive is the best thing that could happen for me. I feel I can live now and I feel so happy. I feel gifted and here the song " Santa Claus is coming to town" My body is bobbling with happiness. I can move on and let things behind be. It is heavenly send and I feel closes to the divine and the universe and I have a understanding now that I didn't have before the session that makes me relax and trust in a way I could before. Is like everything is ok now. My life have taken a new turn thank and I feel free, loved and happy. In love and light,
Joy Loveheart
Dearest Mina, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Your generosity, thoughtfulness, love, insight, healing light and Divine wisdom truly and deeply touched and beautifully transformed my heart and Soul. You are such a blessing! Such gratitude and a warm joyful heart,
Mina, thank you so much for the clearings you performed for me! I cannot believe that clearings so short and simple could ever be so potent, but they definitely are! I felt immediate changes and with your meditation package, I am able to get rid of any residue we weren't able to deal with on our call. I'm amazed at how you were able to so accurately read my past lives and recognize where the blocks in my present life stemmed from. Thank you for showing me that the cold relationship with my father stems from our relationship centuries ago and that we are able to heal all the past hurt in the present lifetime. I felt like I was talking to a long time friend during our session and that made me even more receptive to what you had to say. I cannot say "Thank You" enough, and I am grateful to have had you aide in launching a 2014 full of clarity and blessings for me!
Brooklyn NY
I had the good fortune to have had a one on one session with Mina. In just one session, she released stuck energy and belief systems I have been working on for years and deeply buried trauma I wasn't even aware of. After our session, I was on a total high and ready to party. Just awesome. Much Love, fun and gratitude.
My experience of working with Mina was inspirational. The amount of love and insight that I had from her in my session changed my relationship to the issues that we were focusing on profoundly through those things alone, bringing new understandings and great healing. The energy work relaxed me so much and brought so much lightness, trust and joy back into my heart enabling me to love myself a lot more. Released from multiple levels of restriction and self-judgment from conditioning I felt very empowered by Mina's healing session and so loved. Mina's organic ability to work fluidly making connections between family conditioning, upbringing, past lives and potential energies was so empowering and easy, allowing things to release and dissolve. I felt much more full of self-love and acceptance from this work and understanding of reasons for blocks in my relationship and career around owning my power and self-love. I feel much more a feeling of embrace of who i am in all my uniqueness and own power and connection with the adventure and playfulness of my life. Listening to the replay I was also able to reabsorb the healing and integrate it more fully over the week as well as make new connections and understandings. So much work was done across life times and deep healing and fears within this life which have been holding me back to realize my unlimited power and light. I have continued to work with Mina's meditations and embody her healing work, which I find very powerful and transformative particularly for opening my heart, believing in myself and trusting my life. I have so much gratitude for this amazing session which changed my life. Plus she was so fun!
Alexa Wilson
!!!!!!!!! I can feel the release you did shaking out through my whole body and although I still have a lot of pain and weakness in my left hip everywhere else seems to be relaxing almost like my muscles and nerves are taking a deep breath. I don’t usually have much physical experience from what anyone does as far as energy work but this I could feel …..yeah!!!!!!! Am excited to see how this healing response proceeds and thrilled to be able to work with you for a whole hour. I have been as you said frozen in time for a long long time and although my heart feels ready to soar, my body has felt chained to a density that has clipped my wings. When I close my eyes I feel my physical form as I know it can be and I am so ready to move fully into that experience. I have been asking for knowing on how to accomplish that and if I needed help then to send that person forward and I believe you are that person. So again thank you for your healing energies today and for your incredible heart. I am beyond joyful to be able to work with you.
Jacqi Slezak
Mina is a gift. She is compassionately insightful, gently enlightening and lovingly aware. Being very attuned to energy, I can assure that she does transmit energy and is authentic is every way. I am truly grateful for experiencing her.
It is with a very full heart I write to thank you for our session today! I have been growing spiritually by reading books for over 10 years and have reached to dozens of teachers and though some were able to get some issues resolved, I often came away questioning or wondering if it really worked or will last. I did not have that feeling with Mina. First off, her energy is 100% genuine and I had no question in my mind of her authenticity or motives for doing healing work. She just is the real deal and she serves. She has laser focus in a way that is so on target yet feels it is a natural pace and feels so soft and loving. In other words, she gets to the core or essence quickly but it DOES NOT feel rushed. She provides spot intuition- that is SOOOO helpful to move the process along and provides such clarity. Finally, and most importantly, I have been told be TOO many teachers that my energy is scattered and I am not in my body. Nothing has been able to help that until my session with Mina. I feel like I have a deep understanding of the reason and at the same time no attachment to it and now I know how to come back to my body and CHOOSE to come back. This work feels long lasting and I so grateful to have had our time together.
Andrea 🙂
Mina thank you for being you; the most profound healer I have ever known!I wanted to write to express just how grateful I am to you for transforming my life. It is both my privilege and my pleasure to have experienced the remarkable power of your healing gifts and abilities and I hope that everyone who is searching for real and extraordinary change is blessed to find you...
Meeting Mina has taken me to the next level. It still hard to believe, that all these changes have taken place. I feel so much better within myself, more confident, happy, and more alive. No more stress or so many worries. After my reading of past- lives, I could understand so much better situations in this life. Relationships and friendships make a lot more sense now. I’m also going through menopause, having hot flushes/sweats and not being able to sleep was one of my problems. I can't thank You enough for the healing session yesterday - for the first time when I was approaching home I could do so with my head held high and not feeling extreme panic which is really such a relief. Not any more, Mina has balance my hormones and it’s gone, the irritation that used to come with it is also gone. Thank you so much for your wonderful help, you are truly blessed.
Mina is a loving and kind healer. After experiencing many years of neck/shoulder pain on and off I had learnt how to live with it. However whilst Mina was doing a healing on me regarding another issue she had intuitively picked up about my pain and identified a belief that was holding the condition in place. The healing was instant and to my amazement it has now been 6 months since the healing took place and I have not experienced neck pain. Thank you Mina for a great healing session!!
Mary Boulus
I can't thank You enough for the healing session yesterday - for the first time when I was approaching home I could do so with my head held high and not feeling extreme panic which is really such a relief.And like You said it seems now it's the next day I am feeling the effects even more in a surprising way physically it's as if my actual movements are quicker and lighter it's a very interesting feeling. You truly have a wonderful gift Mina and are amazing.
Mina is a kind, caring and warm person. Every time I have session with her, I feel much better. I had a very uncomfortable bloating for a long time, but after the first session, the problem was gone! I was amazed how quickly it worked. Although the session is done over the phone, she can see through the state of my internal body as well as my emotional state and it really made me aware how emotion directly affects the body. As Mina was born psychic she has a wealth of knowledge on psychic/spiritual matters that comes from her firsthand experience since she was a child. I still have a lot to work on but it's good to know that I have a good teacher.
Sydney, Australia
A month ago I went through a difficult stage in my life. I felt lonely, depressed, could not reason properly and lived in constant anger as trying to justify the unfairness I felt towards my life, family and some friends.I found out about Mina through a friend, who, knowing my constant instability recommend me to have a talk to her to see if she could somehow help me. My first appointment made me feel so much better! Mina helps you understand life under a different perspective. She touches your inner soul as to transmit peace calm and harmony. My life has changed since I met Mina. I have been learning to deal better with stressful situations, to have more control in my life, to learn how to be always positive and believe more in myself.I am so happy I gave myself a chance to consult with Mina, is a totally different experience with truly and authentic results.
Business Owner, Sydney, Australia
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